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Dr. William Roy Mercy Dental Clinic

Giving Hope to Low-Income Patients with Emergency Dental Care and Oral Pain Management

Allison Taylor, RDA, CPSevere tooth decay often keeps inner-city people at home in severe pain, unable to stay focused at work and unable to afford standard dental care.

The Dr. William Roy Mercy Dental Clinic is a joint effort between Hope for the Inner City and the Chattanooga Area Dental Society that serves low-income residents in greater Chattanooga. The clinic was renamed in 2009 for its late founder, a well-known local dentist.

Hundreds of desperate patients have left our clinic with reduced pain and newfound hope:

  • “John” is a recovering meth addict whose teeth have deteriorated from years of drug use. Through our network of volunteer dentists, he acquired a set of dentures.

  • “Tina” is a severely depressed, battered mother who lost her teeth in a domestic assault. She had nowhere else to turn for dental care and loving support.

  • “James” is a high-risk patient with severe periodontal disease whom other dentists have turned away. Hope’s Mercy Dental Clinic is helping him acquire a new set of teeth.

With a professionally stocked dental facility, a full-time coordinator, and a growing pool of volunteer dentists and hygienists, the Dr. William Roy Mercy Dental Clinic brings relief and hope to low-income patients from across Chattanooga.