Adult Literacy Overview alt

Adult Literacy Overview

Envious of his brothers going off to school with their lives in order, a dejected “Cole” stayed behind to raise his young son. “I know what I need to do, but I can’t do it.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it (Romans 7:18)? Thanks be to God for a gospel that gives Cole victory in Christ, and an Adult Literacy program that offers him the chance to read.

Without the ability to read or write, people like Cole would be sentenced to a life of menial labor, always wishing he could learn, but always hindered by a pressing work schedule and little money.

Hope’s Adult Literacy program offers people a second chance to earn a high-school equivalency diploma—often a major hurdle in finding a better-paying job with benefits. Classes offer one-on-one or one-on-two tutoring with a focus on reading and math to help our clients obtain a GED (Certificate of General Educational Development) within two years. The class meets three times a week, and lessons are paced according to the student's availability, needs and goals. It is offered in connection with Hope for the Inner City’s Jobs for Life program.